Kitchen Glass Splashbacks

Lime Sparkle Stencil Glass Splashbacks

Coloured Glass Splashbacks

All of our painted glass splashbacks are made from high quality 6mm low-iron toughened glass which is impact resistant and heat resistant up to temperatures of 400 ºC. We are also able to offer an almost unlimited colour choice from the top brand names including RAL and many others, ensuring that you can match any colour that you require.

In fact, you can even provide us with a colour sample and we’ll colour match your glass splashback for you.

Painted Splashbacks
Printed Kitchen Glass Splashbacks

Printed Glass Splashbacks

We can now print almost any high-resolution image onto your glass splashbacks, from textures or digital graphics to photographs or digital images, making this a truly versatile design choice for any room of your home. There are a host of stock image websites like Shutterstock for you to browse to find that stunning landscape or modern art to compliment your décor.

Or you can take it to a whole new level and work with us to create a design that is wholly unique to you.

Printed Splashbacks
Plain - Heat Resistant - Mirror Splashbacks

Mirrored Glass Splashbacks

All mirrors come in 3 finishes, standard silver, grey and bronze. Our standard mirrored splashbacks are not toughened and therefore need to be handled with a little more care. They are excellent for bathrooms and kitchen areas that do not require impact or heat resistant glass.

We also offer a premium heat-resistant mirror splashback made from toughened glass, available upon request. It is therefore ideal for use in kitchens where something more durable is required.

Mirrored Splashbacks

Crackle Glass Splashbacks

Perhaps one of the most stunning products we offer is crackle glass. This is produced by combining several layers of toughened glass together and shattering the middle panel to result in an ‘iced cracked’ effect.

As these are made from three panels of 6mm toughened glass, a standard splashback comes in 18mm thick sheets, which makes them perfect for an awe-inspiring dining-room table top or kitchen worktop.

Crackle Splashbacks
Italian Collection - CT018

Textured Splashbacks

We are in the process of extending the range of finishes that we offer, to include a range of alternative textures and designs. These will include a collection of designer glass splashbacks from Italy, that draw their inspiration from nature, combining luxurious textures ranging from gold leaf to animal and snake skin patterns. A selection of mineral based finishes made from metallic flakes that result in a ‘glittery sparkle’ finish; with a variety of colours including gold, silver and copper.

Textured Splashbacks
Liquid Mirror Splashback - Droplets

Designer Splashbacks

In addition to these Textured Splashbacks, we are looking to expand our toughened mirror range to incorporate a ‘liquid mirror’ selection, in which ‘fluid’ patterns are added to the mirror finish, to create a unique effect resembling water droplets or splashes on the splashback. The resultant splashback is visually striking and certainly an eye-catcher.
Please contact us for further information.

Designer Splashbacks