A Whole New World of Possibilities

We are extremely pleased to be able to offer a complete bespoke service for high quality digitally printed glass splashbacks, opening up a level of creativity and aesthetic expression that just wasn’t available before.

With the emergence of digitally printed glass splashbacks an entirely new array of amazing options is available for those who are searching for that unique look in their kitchen, bathroom or, in fact, anywhere in the home. The state of the art glass printers that we use are able to produce highly detailed content of your choosing, with sharp vivid colours and seamless transitions from one hue to another and all of this on 6mm toughened glass.

Digital Print for Glass Splashback
Art And Photo Printing

An Endless Array of Opportunities

It’s now possible to transform your home with incredibly vibrant scenes of natural landscapes, your favourite abstract art, memorable family moments or whatever you desire. In fact, if you can find a digital picture of it, that image can be digitally printed onto glass for the perfect beautiful glass splashback that brings personality, all of its own.

High Quality Image Printing

Furthermore, our high resolution imagery process means that no matter how large your project, it will still maintain its high quality and be visually stunning.
From something as simple as a motivational message on a plain background to a complex scene from your favourite movie or tv show.

Gradient Colour - Digital Print Glass Splashback
Various Colour Gradients

If it’s colour you’re after, then why not transform your bathroom, kitchen or even balustrade by taking advantage of our gradient process, that allows you to mix and match a variety of colours and patterns into silky smooth transitions. These can be both scaled up to suit your project or seamlessly splitting your design into multiple glass panels.

Alternatively, by incorporating various patterns or shapes you can create your own wallpaper effect, with a wall to wall or floor to ceiling design and even replicate materials such as wood, stone or leather to produce a really unique effect.

Truly, the only limitation is your own creativity!

If you would like to place and order for Printed Glass Splashbacks or you’re just looking to price up your project then please click on the button below to use our online tool.

Printed Pattern - Glass Splashback
Wall-To-Wall Printed Patterns