Bathroom Splashback Ideas

Mirror Splashbacks - Bathroom 3

It’s easy to see why many people are now doing away with traditional tiles and switching over to glass when they update or modernise their bathroom.

  • It’s much easier to clean and keep clean, without the need for special cleaning products, making it far more hygienic and easy to maintain
  • It provides far greater protection for your walls, in a room where water abounds and splashes are inevitable, without the large areas of tile grouting where mould and mildew readily grow
  • It comes in large toughened panels that can be cut to the exact size and dimensions, offering a perfectly fitted impact resistant solution that is so much easier to fit.

With so many different options, there’s an amazing potential available that will allow anyone to transform, what was once a dull and dreary room, into a bright and delightful space.

Bathroom Mirror Splashback

Mirrored Splashbacks

Most bathrooms have a mirror of some sort, so replacing an area of tiling with a mirrored splashback is a great way of reducing the cost and improving the overall aesthetics. Mirrors also have wonderful reflective properties which not only serves to make a room look a lot larger; which is particularly useful for smaller bathrooms but they also reflect the light, making any room that much brighter.
Although our standard silver, grey and bronze mirrored splashbacks are not toughened, if you particularly feel that a more durable solution is required we now offer the same tints as toughened mirrored splashbacks. Please call or contact us for details.

Light Grey Vanity Splashback and Mirror

Coloured Painted Splashbacks

Everyone who is familiar with glass splashbacks knows about painted or coloured splashbacks and these are still one of the most popular splashbacks of choice, especially now that many suppliers offer a vast range of colour options, with some even offering a colour match service. It’s now so much easier to produce the desired effect with either a naturally blended splashback or a striking colour, to add contrast or create a feature.
Another option is to combine different splashbacks into the whole design scheme, combining coloured and mirrored splashbacks to totally transform a whole wall.

Designer Bath Surround
Designer Glass Splashback

Designer Splashbacks

Modern technologies have led to the production of a range of designer splashbacks that incorporate textured finishes but still have a smooth polished surface. These come in a variety of styles from luxury wallpaper type prints to foil, gold leaf and leather textures, that immediately transform an ordinary looking space into an elegant room, with class and sense of opulence.

Printed Glass Splashback

Printed Glass Splashbacks

One of the increasingly more popular splashback options is the printed splashback, probably because it allows you to make your living space more personal and unique. Many of us now have smartphones that can instantly capture a beautiful scenic landscape or memorable event in high definition, that can now be transferred to a bathroom splashback or piece of wall art and immortalised behind a toughened glass façade.

Even if you don’t consider yourself as the next Ansel Adams or Annie Leibovitz, there are thousands of images available online to choose from, that will bring the deadest of rooms to life.

Bathroom Wall Art

Bathroom Wall Art

Another modern innovation, launching off the back of the printed splashback, is wall art. This makes use of the splashback printing technology onto 4mm or 6mm toughened glass but allows you to transform any living space with a durable, splash resistant image. This is particularly useful in the bathroom where the humidity and moisture could ordinarily deteriorate a painting or poster.

Wall Cladding - Printed Shower Wall

Shower Wall Cladding

Finally, when it comes to bathroom splashbacks, nothing lends itself more ideally to glass wall cladding than a walk in shower. Whether you choose a tinted mirror or plain coloured splashback or whether you transform your shower room with a full height printed landscape, the options are truly limitless and the results are potentially breath-taking.