Crackled Glass Splashback

£650.00 / sq m

A state of the art 18mm crackle effect, low iron and toughened glass splashback which will knock your socks off with a choice of mirror at the back.


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  • Please note the T, U, and L shapes require two sets of dimensions. The external dimensions are inputted below. The internal dimensions do not affect the price and are not required prior to placing your order. A member of our customer service team will be in contact with you after your order has been placed to obtain this information.

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    • 45 £
    • 225 £
    • 225 £
    • 225 £

    These are the small rectangular shapes removed to allow for electrical sockets. They can be single (75mm x 75mm), double (135mm x 75mm) or treble (195mm x 75mm). All are charged at the same price.

    • + 0 £

    Notches are either 2 or 3-sided small cutouts located on a corner or edge of the panel respectively. They are usually required to allow the glass to wrap around small obstructions such as pipes, decorative rails or the edge of window sills.

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    Holes are circular cutouts and with diameters from 4mm to 35mm. They are for fixing screws, wall mounted taps and control panels.

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