Buying Crackle Glass Splashbacks

If you’re looking for a style that is rather unique and out of the ordinary and certainly amazing to view, then why not consider our Crackle Glass Splashbacks?

Unlike our standard glass splashbacks which are made from low iron 6mm toughened glass, crackle glass; or ‘cracked ice’ glass, as it is sometimes known, owing to its distinctive pattern, is created by laminating a sheet of toughened glass between two additional layers. The sheet is then allowed to shatter, forming the stunning “cracked ice effect” between the top and bottom layers. As a result of this manufacturing process, the minimum thicknesses that we currently offer for crackle glass splashbacks is 18mm.

Although it is possible to create a whole variety of colours, our current selection; in our standard “crackle glass” range, has five finishes. These are grey, blue, silver, bronze and rose.

Not Just For Kitchens

Most homeowners understand the benefit of a splashback in their kitchen or bathroom and how they can really help create a better overall look, aside from the protection that they afford from greasy spatter and grime. In this respect crackle glass splashbacks are no exception but what sets them apart is that the ‘wonderful reflective qualities’ produced by the “crackle” can bring individuality to any space; both large and small, resulting in a particularly aesthetically pleasing and impressive focal point.