Frequently Asked Questions

About us

What are your payment options?

We have chosen to use Paypal to handle our payments as it accepts most major credit cards and is a proven, secure payment solution. Furthermore, you do not need to have, or create, a Paypal account to make a purchase.You will be directed to pay for your glass as you complete your online order.

Why are your prices so low?

Our prices are so low because we don’t maintain a showroom, we don’t keep stock (all of our orders are bespoke and made to measure) and we don’t need any salesmen to sell our product! More over, rather like Ikea, we cut out all the unnecessary costs of templating and installation with the help of our innovative templating guides and online software, passing those savings directly to you the customer.

How long will my order take?

Our standard production time is approximately 7 working days and we expect to deliver your order within 15 working days of the start of production. If you need to receive your order sooner,
then please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Is there a min. or max. size of splashback I can order?

The minimum size of the splashback that we can currently produce is 80mm x 80mm; although, there may be a minimum order surcharge. Please also be aware, that the minimum length that we can toughen is 250mm, so if both dimensions of your glass panel are less than this, it will not be toughened!

The maximum size that we can safely deliver is 2950mm x 1650mm. However if your requirements exceed these current limitations please email us at sales@glasssplashbacksuk.com and we will happily consider your request.

What is your return policy?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer a return service for a custom made item.

Do you offer a survey or installation service?

Yes. We offer a measuring and fitting service, although this service is primarily for jobs located in the Greater London area – please call or email us for further information

About You

How do I obtain a quote?

Click Here or on our ‘Online Quote’ button and follow the simple 3 step process. You should receive your estimate immediately. If you require written confirmation then please click on the Quote by Email button and we will gladly send you a copy.

Can I get actual samples of the coloured glass?

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer samples at this time but this is a service that we intend to resume in the future.

Can I buy only glass upstands?

If you only require glass upstands, then we are happy to supply these to you. Please complete your order using our New Order Tool (for regular shaped upstands) or Contact Us via email or phone for irregular shaped upstands.

What condition should the wall be in?

The wall needs to be free of bows, twists or raised areas over approximately 2-3mm. Any sharp areas need to be removed. Any unevenness less than 2-3mm can be taken up by the adhesive. All walls must be sealed using either PVA or emulsion paint. The walls will be obscured by the glass so the surface does not need to look pretty. Wiring must be chased into walls and any light fittings should be fitted allowing at least 10mm for the thickness of the glass and adhesive.

Can I fit glass on top of my existing tiles?

This is not something that we would recommend, due to the unstable nature of tiles. It is always better to apply the glass directly onto a prepared wall. See our Free Guide for more information on how the walls should be prepared.

How will my splashback be fixed to the wall?

Generally coated glass is attached to the wall using a special adhesive that will not react to the coating. We recommend Clear “LOW Modulous or “Neutral Silicone Adhesive. Please see our ‘How to …’ reference guide.

How do I clean my glass splashbacks?

The glass can be cleaned with normal household window cleaner. If you haven’t received a copy of our Free Measure, Fit & Care Guide then pleaseclick here.

About the Glass

Is the glass safe?

Our coloured and printed glass splashbacks are 6mm toughened glass so that they can be used behind hot appliances. They are extremely robust and very safe. All of our glass meets the following safety standards:

  • Thermal toughened soda lime silicate safety glass BS EN 12150:(parts 1&2):2000
  • Impact test BS EN 12600:2002
  • Four point bending test BS EN 1288-3:2000
How are the glass edges finished?

Our glass edges are all polished so are ‘finger friendly’!

Is there a warranty on your product?

We offer a 10 year warranty against discolouration, fading and peeling

Can I have holes or cutouts in the glass?

Yes. Glass can be cut in many ways to allow for sockets, drill holes or a cutout for a cooker hood for example. The accuracy of these is vital because we cut prior to toughening and once toughened no changes can be made.

How far apart should sockets be placed?

Cutouts for electrical sockets or internal cut outs for anything else should generally be at least 50mm from the edge of the panel and 20mm from each other. Please also be aware that all internal corners will have a 6mm radius. If sockets are placed side by side, the boxes must be placed so that the socket covers sit tightly against one another as the face plates sit on top of the glass. Please also ensure your electrician leaves plenty of wire so the sockets can be fed through the glass.

Can you cut shaped pieces?

Glass can be curved or shaped to accommodate cooker hoods, etc. Certain shapes are less practical, such as ‘L’ or ‘T’ shaped panels as it could increase the risk of breakage. Consequently, we recommend producing each piece separately for ‘T’ and ‘L’ shapes. You must also consider that any internal corner will not be cut square but will have a 6mm radius, so if you require a square internal corner, once again we suggest that you produce each panel section as an individual piece.

What colour can we have the glass painted?

We have increased our standard colour range from the RAL Classic Range and we now colour-match to any colour of your choosing!

Will the colours look the same as on my computer screen?

They will look almost the same but don’t forget images on screen look different from the real glass as contrast and brightness settings of a monitor could be different. The same is also true for any print out you may have as printer settings also vary from printer to printer.

If you have any questions of your own that we have not answered here relating to your glass splashbacks or any of the services we currently offer please feel free to email us your question or use the contacts form.