Choose the Perfect Printed Kitchen Splashback

4 Top Tips to Help You Choose the Perfect Printed Kitchen Splashback

You are thinking about getting a printed glass splashback for your kitchen—that’s awesome. But you are also confused about which one to use, so it doesn’t look weird to you when installed.

Choosing the right image for your feature printed kitchen splashback is a big decision, so you need to make it right on your first try. To help make your journey more comfortable and smoother, here are few tips that would steer you in the right path.

How long do you plan on staying?

This is the first and most important question to answer. If you are building a house and you plan on selling it right away, you may want to choose a safer image, one with a muted colour that would blend with the rest of the kitchen. But if you are planning on staying in your home for a very long time, and your dream image is bold and colourful, then go for it –as this would make you feel more at home, because it is to your preference. However, these images would look best in kitchens that have clean and contemporary lines with lots of white walls and cabinets, to focus on the central feature splashback.

What personality do you want to show?

The kitchen is seen as the heart of the home, and nowadays, more than just cooking goes on there—socializing with friends and family. So be careful of the image you choose, because it would set an overall feeling to the kitchen. To make the atmosphere more sophisticated, you may want to go for pictures of textures and repeated patterns or arty digital painting with muted colour tones. Colourful landscapes and nature images give an uplifting and relaxed feeling.

What is the style of your kitchen?

How your kitchen is styled would play an essential role in the image to use. With a classically styled kitchen, it would look fabulous going for a timeless image that is black and white with a bit of red, or you can use a picture with a painted overlay. If your kitchen is styled to a contemporary look, you may want to choose an image that is nature inclined, or even a beach themed image.

How much light does your kitchen get?

Not everyone is a fan of kitchens with too much brightness or light. If your kitchen backsplash doesn’t get enough natural light, or if you have dark and deep cabinetry, then you should go for an image with bright colours or light tones. Do not go for dark photos shot at night, or even a sunset image, as this would put the kitchen in a gloomy state and darken the whole kitchen area. Also, as a well-known rule, bright images tend to lighten the perceived brightness and atmosphere of a kitchen, while dark images do the exact opposite.

Now that you have considered the tips listed above, you can start selecting the best images for your kitchen glass splashbacks.